Below are the adult Sunday school electives offered this fall. To help plan for materials, please click to register below.  New classes begin September 13.

Please be a faithful participant in the course of your choice!

Beauty and the Arts – How is beauty related to the nature of God? What is the role of beauty and the arts in the life of the Church? Is beauty truly found in the eye of the beholder? In this important DVD series, R. C. Sproul addresses these and other questions about the vital relationship of the arts to our faith and practice.  Corky Nell will lead the class in the Fellowship Hall.

The Holy Spirit in the WCF – When asked why the Westminster Confession of Faith does not dedicate a chapter to the subject of the Holy Spirit, Princeton theologian Benjamin Warfield answered, “Because it prefers to give nine chapters to it.” Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? This fall we’ll examine the doctrine of the Holy Spirit as presented in the Confession, drawing from a study by Dr. O. Palmer Robertson. Norman Godwin will lead the class in the Church Library.

College and Young Adults – This fall, the College and Young Adults Sunday School will be coming together to worship God in song, prayer and studying Paul’s prison letters starting with his letter to the Philippians, in a series titled, “Living Out Your Faith.” Please come join us as we explore this letter of Paul’s joy and encourage one another to apply the truths to our own lives. John and Lyle Illges will lead the study in the Choir Room.