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Trinity offers biblical counseling services through a partnership with Redeeming Light Ministries.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment, please talk to one of our pastors or contact Redeeming Light Ministries directly at 334-782-0445


Redeeming Light Ministries

Redeeming Light Ministries exists to call people to reverence God’s Word and to apply Scripture practically in every area of life. We promote and facilitate biblical counseling ministries within local churches by offering training, seminars, retreats and other special events. We also offer biblical counseling to individuals and families who desire help in making biblical changes in their lives. Our goal is to apply God’s Word in the lives of the people who seek our help. We take seriously the admonition from Colossians 1:28 that we proclaim Christ, admonishing and teaching with all wisdom so that the end result is that we move our counselees toward completeness in Christ. 2 Peter 1:3 tells us that God has provided all that we need for life and godliness. We search the Scriptures for God’s answers to the life situations with which our counselees struggle. We then work with the counselee to make practical application of those biblically derived solutions.

Redeeming Light Ministries is a support-based ministry. We do not ask a fee for counseling services. However, we do request that our counselees make a pledge of monthly support to this ministry. We rely on the monthly support of current and former counselees along with the generosity of God’s people and the support from Churches that we serve.


Meet our counselors:

The director of Redeeming Light Ministries, Doug Hudgins, is a certified counselor with The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and is a PhD candidate in Biblical Counseling at Trinity Seminary. Doug holds a masters degree in agency counseling from Troy State University and a bachelors degree in counseling and Theology from Toccoa Falls College. Doug and his wife are members of Eastwood Presbyterian Church in Montgomery Alabama. Doug has worked in marriage and family counseling and with various forms of addiction. He is in the supervision phase of certification with the National Counsel on Problem Gambling.